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Cool Kitchen Gadgets: RSVP Silicone Slip-On Spout

RSVP Silicone Slip On Spout - Blue

RSVP Silicone Slip On Spout – Blue

Ever find it messy when you try to pour our liquids or draining solids from a pot or bowl? Well fret not, with this RSVP silicone slip-on spout, you can be sure your pouring or draining would be mess free. Simply just slip on the spout at your bowl or pot and pour away. Definitely very useful for someone like me who is somewhat a klutz in the kitchen, therefore minimizing cleaning after all cooking. What more it comes in various colors of blue, red, green and orange for you to choose from. Who says that pouring cannot be sexy as well? Now that’s cool!

RSVP Silicone Slip On Spouts

RSVP Silicone Slip On Spouts

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