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5 Popular Mullet Hairstyle Recommendations!

5 Popular Mullet Hairstyle Recommendations!

When talking about men’s hairstyles, surely there will be no death. There are many types and models of men’s hairstyles that can be used as recommendations to change your appearance. Lots of trends that develop and fade over time.

However, this hair type is experiencing a rise in relatability. Many old fashions have become a trend and are booming again.

Nowadays it is not a strange thing when old fashions reappear. These fashions include dress styles, shoe models, and clothing models. This also applies to hairstyles. Lots of people are starting to style their hair in 1970s or 1980s haircuts according to

1. Classic Mullets

For those of you who are still too hesitant to try a mullet hairstyle, you can try this mullet hairstyle with this classic cut. Very simple, but still looks cool and stylish.

The classic mullet haircut type is characterized by a short haircut on the right and left sides, but on the back the hair is left long. However, not too long, so you get a more natural looking impression.

2.Modern Mullets

For those of you who like hair that looks unobtrusive and simple, this mullet haircut with a modern cut can be the best choice.

With cuts that are not so visible, the transition from short to long cuts can make it seem as if you have a haircut like the style in general. The hair on the back won’t be left too edgy like the classic mullet cut and more.

For those of you who have hair that tends to be wavy and rather thick, you can really make this modern mullet haircut into a list that you can show to your stylish.

3. Middle Part Mullet

Another style of mullet haircut is the middle part mullet. The middle part mullet haircut has characteristics that will make you love your new hairstyle later.

The hair is cut in much the same way as the modern mullet in the front. However, on the front of the hair, the middle part of the mullet will be created and styled with a middle parted hair. Of course on the back, the hair will still be left long.

This haircut will make you look more relaxed, but still trendy and cool.

4. Curly Mullets

Which of you has naturally curly hair? Of course, it’s a little more difficult to find the right type of haircut for curly hair. However, this mullet haircut model is very suitable and fits curly or curly hair.

Curly mullet itself is a curly haircut model that has volume. Around the 1970s to 1980s, this curly mullet hairstyle was very popular with the whole community. Especially when there was a retro rock star trend.

In addition, this hairstyle at that time was adapted by a prominent public figure in Hollywood. So, many people glorify this curly mullet haircut.

5. Long Tailed Mullets

For some people, if the haircut doesn’t look too different, then he will feel he hasn’t had a haircut. Who is like that? Do you have to cut your hair in a completely different style 180 degrees, just feel like you’re getting a haircut?

For those of you who think so, you can really try this long tail mullet haircut. This type of mullet haircut is the most prominent and obvious.

You only need to lengthen your hair tail and keep tidy the front, left and right sides of the hair on your head. Usually, this type of long tail mullet has a tail length that reaches more than the shoulder.

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