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8th Class Maths Textbook Ap State Syllabus UPD Free Download Pdf

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8th Class Maths Textbook Ap State Syllabus Free Download Pdf


You could use lxml:
from lxml import etree

root = etree.Element(‘root’)

nodes = [
children=’text text text text text text’),
children=’text text text text text text’)


tree = etree.ElementTree(root)


How to set a property in an other class?

I know that in the same class there is no problem to set a property and I am able to use it.
public partial class Signin : System.Web.UI.Page
public string Email = “”;

In another class I try to set the same property.
public partial class Person : System.Web.UI.Page
public Person()
private Signin signin = new Signin();

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Signin.Email = “”;
Button4.Text = “login”;
Button4.Enabled = false;

When I run it I get the error:

The name ‘Email’ does not exist in the current context


You need to store it as a static property, because you can’t access any instance properties from a static method.

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The 8th class syllabus for the AS, AB and BS exams for CBSE is available now. It was released in the middle of November . Here you can download it free. Visit us for regular updates.
CBSE Syllabus for 8th Class Maths
All About The Syllabus of 8th Class Maths
What are the topics covered in the 8th class mathematics syllabus
Math Syllabus is available on the official CBSE website. Click on the link or visit this page.
CBSE Syllabus for Class IX
Maths Syllabus for Class IX. Visit us for regular updates . –


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“Convert” bytes to uint16_t in C++. Do I need to use macros?

Hi I have a client-server application with pure C++ and sockets. I’ve got a problem with reading integers from a socket. A client sends integer numbers in 4 bytes and I’m only able to get 2 bytes (byte[0] and byte[1] – unsigned short). That’s why I need to convert the bytes to uint16_t or int16_t. This is what I’ve done but I don’t like that.
Can I somehow “convert” the bytes into uint16_t or maybe I should first send 1 byte and then 2. This would be the preferable way. I’m using gcc and the following code.
uint16_t getInt16(void *sockdata, int *len)
uint16_t res;
uint8_t temp;
memcpy(&temp, sockdata, 2);
res = (temp

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