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Ancient and Unique Atmosphere from Indonesia and Abroad

Ancient and Unique Atmosphere from Indonesia and Abroad

Jakarta Kota Train Station or Beos Train Station is the oldest train station in Indonesia dating back to 1870. The building style is similar to Dutch buildings. Until now, this station is still active on the Jabodetabek commuter line. The location is across from Fatahillah Park. One of the most popular places in the old city is Taman Fatahillah and u all can visit the littleoldtown. This area has an ancient and unique atmosphere. Apart from that, there are lots of fun activities to do here. You can play bicycles, culinary tours, and take aesthetic selfie photos. The Syahbandar Tower is a tower that has existed since the Dutch colonial era. This name was taken from a port chief in Batavia, Syahbandar. Before being restored to what it is today, the tower was made of wood. Its old-fashioned atmosphere makes it highly sought-after for use as a photo background.

Furthermore, there is the Bank Mandiri Museum which is located next to the Bank Indonesia Museum. There, visitors can see various bank collections from time to time. FYI, the ex-Bank Mandiri building was named Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij. As the name suggests, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics displays various types of ceramics and fine art from Indonesia and abroad. In addition, there is also a collection of historical artifacts here. Currently, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics has become a cultural heritage of the country. For visitors who are interested in the world of wayang in Indonesia, it is mandatory to visit the Wayang Museum. There, there are many collections of puppets from various regions. Plus, this place also often holds wayang entertainment shows.

The next visit to Kota Tua Jakarta is Kali Besar. Currently, the Kali Besar area has been designed neatly and modernly in the style of the Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul, South Korea. Here there is also a floating garden and a path that is suitable for a photo background. Located on Jalan Pasar Ikan No.1, Penjaringan Village, Penjaringan District, North Jakarta. This building consists of several buildings with different construction years, starting in 1652 and the last was built in 1771. From the beginning of its existence until the end of the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia, this building was used as a warehouse. The walls around the building looked very sturdy. Above the fence there is an enemy reconnaissance post and there is also an alley for patrols.

In this place, visitors can learn about maritime affairs, as well as see Indonesian sea defense fleets in the past. The Maritime Museum collection is also very diverse. Starting from ship anchors, sea navigation, cannons, binoculars and miniature fishing boats. Apart from that, this museum also presents the Dimensions of the Navy from time to time.

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