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Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah V1 19 Saqpacks [TOP] ❎

Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah V1 19 Saqpacks [TOP] ❎

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Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah V1 19 Saqpacks

i had to turn my volume off because of all the whispering and it started to get in my ears. also, the mummy’s were frightening as hell. i’ve seen some scary things in my life but these guys are the sickest.

the graphics are so-so and are unfortunately a little repetitive. the music, on the other hand, is spot on. i like it a lot. the controls are easy to pick up and play and the game is really fast paced. the puzzles (okay, the match-3 puzzles) are great in that they’re not just simply fetching puzzles like many match-3 games. there are more difficult puzzles but they all manage to keep me entertained for a long time. this is definitely a fun casual game that anyone can get into, especially the younger generation. i give this game a solid 9/10.

im using this game for about an year, and it was a good game. now i got this burning question for ya, do you know how i can win all of the 35+ achievements? i only found 11 so far, including the ones that requires you to win on a specific level.

have you ever heard of this game? this is my favourite.
its called ancient quest of saqqara and its really addictive to play. you can buy the whole package for only one dollar or a bit more for the expansion packs. a single download gets you thousands of levels and dozens of power ups. i am absolutely addicted. you can play with or against yourself. you can play single player, co-op, or online.

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hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was hoping to know if you get a lot of spam feedback? if so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can advise? i get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.
i haven’t tried out the egyptian times, but i will as soon as i finish up on the rest of them. i just got the two expansion for this game and was surprised to see how much better they were than what i found in v1 18. i found the medium animation too hard to deal with for the egyptian times challenge, but no biggie, i still have plenty of trouble with those. this is a great game, very addicting and it has a lot of variety and pretty good quality too, i wish other developers would use this style of game. if you have the rest of the sets i would highly recommend getting them, it makes the game look 10x better
i picked up a set of the 19 additional levels and i am enjoying them. my fave right now would have to be the temples of re. haha! they are all pretty good. the only thing i really didn’t like was that they switch from match 3 to match 4, which kind of takes away from the fun of it. i gave up on that halfway through. i am done with the rest of this collection, but i am definitely going to get the remaining sets. i definitely recommend this game.
i love it but the ghostly mummies give me the chills! if there is one thing i hate it’s that when you stop a ghost is at the same time of changing animation and i always get one almost every minute! it still makes it interesting tho. i am into it and i like it. i have a headache tho i dunno why. i am gonna see how i can play without that headache.

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