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Automata And Computability Kozen Homework Solutions ((LINK))

Automata And Computability Kozen Homework Solutions ((LINK))

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Automata And Computability Kozen Homework Solutions

i’m always changing how i teach, trying to learn and improve, and each quarter goes a little differently than the previous, with different topic emphasis and speed. when i am writing an exam, i am trying to make sure that the concepts it covers are the same concepts covered in the homework and quizzes of that quarter. i am not thinking about what questions were used the last time i taught the course. many will likely be similar, but maybe not all.

in short, we will allow you to take the exams on your own time, at your own computer, on your own mobile device, as long as you do not copy and paste your solutions to other people. of course, if you are caught cheating in any way (either by exam copying and pasting, or by providing a solution to someone else), you will be given a zero on the exam for that concept.

first, a bit of background. when you are learning a new subject, there is a certain period when you are pretty ignorant and understand less than 10% of what is going on. during this time you might be unable to figure out the right solution. however, you are able to write down what you are doing as you are doing it. if you can prove yourself correct about your understanding by checking your work against the solutions, then you are ahead of the game. if you can’t do that, you probably need to spend some time in a study group, and/or practice by yourself to get your understanding up to the level where you can do that. finally, if you can’t do that, then you might be in trouble and need to get some more help from a friend or ta. the goal in the classroom is that you are able to do all of this, but that means doing the homework, which, unfortunately, is only possible if your understanding is good enough to be able to do that. (if you are having trouble with a single problem, it might be possible to come up with a solution on the fly, but if you have to write down an entire solution, then the question to ask yourself is whether this is something you should be spending time on, i.e., is this the kind of problem you are likely to be able to solve if you have more time and if you are willing to be patient, or is this something that you should be spending time working on yourself (i., what is the value proposition for this course for you?)).


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