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Elden RingSKiDROW [v 1.02 + DLC] [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022 ➟






The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG set in the lands between the realms of the mortal world and the afterlife. You play as a member of a race called the Elden who has been awakened from an ages-old slumber by a note sent by the Gods themselves. By opening a gate in the distant past and joining the fray between the Demi-Gods and the Spirits, you are granted a new power–the power of the Elden Ring.

REDBONE™ – Unique Character Skill Enhancement System
RedBone is a unique character skill enhancement system that makes the action in the game more compelling. Before continuing your adventure, choose a new personal trait for your character which has various effects. With RedBone, your character grows stronger with each battle, and through the process of combat, you will evolve your character’s personality.

There is a long, mysterious separation of the spiritual realm from the mortal world. There is a longing among people to connect with the eternal world and to unite with the Gods. In the midst of this longing, The City of Zen was built. You are one of the inhabitants of this place. As a player, you can step into the role of a wide variety of characters in the various social aspects of the game. In Zen, you can achieve the relationships and contact with the Gods.

In addition to multiplayer matches featuring the battle system from the single player game, you can connect to other players to create a “Party.”

By joining other players’ parties, you can interact with others and form relationships. As you progress through the game, you can enjoy your time in Zen together with other players.

To allow players with a wide variety of skill sets and playing styles to enjoy the game, we offer Hard Math, an in-game feature which enables players who want to play in a more relaxed environment. Enjoy the game with the use of this function for free.

In the game, there are numerous weapons, armor, and magic, allowing you to customize your own character with the intent of making a unique play style. The world is a vast land with a variety of game systems, which you can experience by interacting with the various objects in


Features Key:

  • Unique character leveling system.
  • Select from 4 races, 20 classes.
  • Thwart, Block, Support, and Endurance-based classes.
  • Unique skills with Sorcery Support Intelligence, Precision, and Speed.
  • Development team: Grinlogic, Codemasters, and Kojima Productions
  • Three Mystery Boxes – The Bottomless Bag, Sunken Treasure Box, and Heritage Box
  • Nestled within a Massive Everliving Forest
  • Key Features

    Multiplayer Mode:
    For those who wish to compete in group battles with other players.

    Online Mode:
    For those who wish to play “asynchronous”, allowing players to enjoy the shared joy of gaming without the need to go through the hassle of connecting with others.

    Class and Race System: You can freely configure your character by selecting one of four races (Elf, Human, Orc, and Dark Elf) and over 20 classes including Warrior, Archer, Knight, Magician, and Strider. Choose the race and class of your liking to create a character that has specific abilities and becomes a powerful character equipped with potent special weapons. The opportunity to freely develop your original character is fun!

    Second Online Legend
    Elden Ring, developed by GRINlogic, features an original tale set in a mysterious land. It is a fantasy role-playing game that is set in an imaginary world of fantasy in which you can rise as the leader of your own party! What is waiting in the realms? What secrets await within the depths of dungeons?

    The most brilliant developer
    Codemasters, specialists in driving wheel-based games, have long been offering great driving experiences with classics like F1, TOCA, and Dirt to endurance racing games Grid and WRC.



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    – The World is Totally New

    This is a follow-up to Action RPG Tarnished class, but the power of the Lusty Bitch’s Alchemy is new. The story unfolds with its own spirit, and the strange world of the Lands Between that was known only to magician’s continues to grow in size.

    – A Realm Beyond Any Imagination

    In the Lands Between, the sky is dark, the land is vast, and the sounds of wind and water are heard. There are many places where the swordsman and mage thrive, and the peaceful land of the alchemist and the magician also continues. The world is entirely new.

    – Start Again From the Beginnings

    The mysterious area that has always hovered above the Lands Between is starting to spread. Over there, there are different dreams than the ones from the Lands Between, and magical powers continue to rise.

    – The Tarnished Beast Appears

    No one can look inside the Lands Between and return. For that reason, they are looked down upon.

    – Climb the Ladder of Specialization to Play as a Character of Your Dreams

    In order to be a class that is proud of itself, you must start from the beginning. Once that’s done, you will be able to fully build up your own character.

    – Adventure Awaits in the Endless Sea

    The Lands Between is filled with monsters; you will encounter places that cannot be found in the main world. A new and thrilling adventure awaits you, more than before!

    – An Epic Drama is Born

    It was night time.

    The moonlight illuminated the empty streets, and several people wandered by with little notice.

    One of them noticed the moonlight shining on the spot where they were standing.


    Looking up, a woman with a lightly tanned skin and a narrow face said, “There, over there.”

    “Ah. I see it.”

    When the woman with a lightly tanned skin looked up, she said with a sigh, “A goddess whose power is more than anyone can imagine… Isn’t she amazing?”

    “Looks like an ordinary person. It’s an illusion that makes everything seem the same.”

    “It’s still quite amazing. Isn’t she interesting?”

    The woman with a lightly tanned skin, who was wearing a light and cheerful expression, looked


    Elden Ring Free

    1. Assemble the Elden Ring.
    Make yourself an elite adventurer and assemble the Elden Ring, the most powerful item in the world, by collecting Tarnished Elden Rings and Armor, which can be purchased from the Pearl Shop. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock the entirety of the Elden Ring by purchasing items with Espers.
    2. Become a Tarnished One.
    Enriched by life-stealing magic, your adventure begins with Tarnished skills and Tarnished status that lowers your protection status. Progress through the game to uncover the truth behind the magical world of the Elden Ring and change your way of life.

    What Is The Elden Ring And How Does It Work?
    The world of the Elden Ring is a fantasy world with countless dungeons as large as mountains and as small as in the palm of your hand. Every town is a hub of possibility in the form of shops and venues where you can buy and sell various items. Every major character in the game will be an avatar of a famous race and battle story.
    The Elden Ring is the most powerful item in the world. It was created by a being called the Seespreader, and its power belongs to the root of the world’s order. This powerful item descends from the grand Diamond Cartel. Since it is much more powerful than the Adhering Ring and the Attenuating Ring, among others, the Elden Ring is the only available item that can subjugate the world of evil.
    1. How to Transcend to the Ordinary World.
    The Elden Ring captures the essence of the Unni that is governed by the Elden Ring by lowering its power. It transforms the spirit of the Unni into that of an ordinary person who possesses great destructive power. Transcending the Elden Ring will be the ultimate challenge to the adventurer.
    2. How to Work As a Tarnished One.
    The Tarnished status gradually declines as you fight evil. The Tarnished status is lost when you actually fight. Tarnished status is a stat that represents your current ability to see the full strength of the Elden Ring.
    The adventurer will begin its journey as a Tarnished One, and as the character grows to become an Elden Lord, you will be able to obtain the strength of the full power of the Elden Ring.
    3. True Beginnings and Destiny.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Online Features
    1. Chat with others
    • Convey your feelings by using the instant message feature
    • Easy and effective means of communication
    2. Live PvP
    Battle it out! Check out the “Battle” feature and try to defeat your enemy or hug him for the win.

    • Create a unique battle style!
    Users can freely select their combat style (ranged, melee, or archery) and weapons (knives, swords, bows, etc.) and freely customize their battle style. By doing so, you can create your own battle style and create your own combat strategy.

    • Class System
    All classes except for the Archer are available, but their offensive power, jumping ability, attack speed, appearance, and equipment change depending on the class.
    With the class system, you can freely choose the game that best fits your play style, such as a heavy-duty warrior or powerful archer.

    The world of Tarnished is vast and free, allowing the creators to listen closely to their users’ opinions.
    Do not miss the chance to create your own event with a rich content!
    Other Events
    • Guild Wars
    • Dungeon
    • Event Invites
    • LARP

    Gathering Feedback
    • Check and browse the feedback on our website for more information


    PS. Not enough space? Please look for announcements for further details on the game.

    PS2. If you are playing the closed beta, please check the E-mail address you registered for “Tarnished Conqueror” on the Arc System Works website. It contains exclusive information and details about the PC System Ratings.

    If you are playing the global version, please check the website of the Arc System Works ( for details about the


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    Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: Intel® 855GM
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