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Hackers 1995 In Hindi ⛔

Hackers 1995 In Hindi ⛔

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Hackers 1995 In Hindi

Our first glimpse of Dade’s hacking ability comes when he penetrates, as he describes, a social networking web site run by a fellow student. His plan is to hack into her account and use it to steal her information for blackmail purposes. The fact that he succeeds after only a few minutes in gaining access to the system makes it clear he was pretty good at what he was doing. Hackers also takes place in the early ’90s, and it makes sense that the hacker culture would emerge in the era of the Internet. The brief period before 1992 when all the access was strictly exclusive to the rich and privileged, such as the ARPANET network, allowed for the rise of those with the skills and knowledge to access the Internet. The age when everyone had access to the Internet was over, and with that access, the world of information exchange was opened up. Public libraries were swarmed with hackers, and anyone who had the mentality of a hacker could dive into the files.

However, thanks to the credit-grabbing scams of companies like the one Dade targets, the general public didn’t care about what hackers were doing. It’s a telling moment in the film when a young girl whose mother is a private detective, asks her mother, in the middle of a film that is supposed to be nostalgic, why the computer in the office even has a modem.

Hackers, which was first shot in 1995 but finally got released a year later, is one of those movies of the 90s that are great and yet not really that great at the same time. There’s definitely a certain anarchic charm to it in the way its characters are painted, and a certain reality to its over-the-top hacker antics, but the problem is that it’s such a mess of a movie that’s hard to tell if it’s being realistic or simply goofy.

Watching a bunch of comfortable, assimilated, white guys become computer hackers as a result of the constant violence of their economic circumstance is, however, interesting for the very reasons it’s overblown and ridiculous in other aspects. The movie was released in 1995, so everyone in it was an eager student at the age of, say, 20. I don’t really recognize any of the actors in it, but they probably do.
It’s not that they’re convinced that the hacker lifestyle is the life for them, or that they have the right to play with technology without risking any harm to anyone else. But for the first time, we see hackers as people who, like any other people, are trying to make their lives complete. They’re just people, which is as it should be, but they’re people who happen to love manipulating and making things.
This is of course always true of the people who put themselves in harm’s way, but it’s especially true of the people who play with violence. And the really delicate part of the movie is that we don’t see them indulge their hacking fantasies out of spite or revenge against something or someone, but because that’s what they find so fascinating. Their interest in hacking is more or less passive: They watch movies about hackers because they’re interested in them.
Despite its pretensions to realism, Hackers is hamfisted in the way it treats teenage angst, though it makes for a wonderfully ironic movie. For one, it portrays hackers as perma-teenagers who spend all of their time, and all of their available funds, getting high. Dade’s constant wheedling and whining behavior set him apart from just about every other boy–he’d rather get into trouble than get a straight F, and about half of his day is spent scheming on how to get out of trouble for doing something bad. And if he does manage to pull off a hack, he’s never satisfied with what he has, always wanting a better way, a faster way, a smarter way. In this, hackers fit right in. Hackers also seems to be a repository for every single worst thing in movies: The hacker’s bedroom is invaded by a porn collection; the hacker’s hack is maliciously placed in the hands of the CIA for use against the United States; the hacker himself is a lonely and lost loner.

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