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In5 Indesign Cc Serial 15 ##BEST##

In5 Indesign Cc Serial 15 ##BEST##

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In5 Indesign Cc Serial 15

Bonus Link. Designed to help you keep an eye on the fonts you use. It uses it’s own font catalogue as it scans a folder or folder tree and counts the number of times a certain font is used in your documents. It’s clever because it doesn’t open each document in turn, it just scans the source files and does its counting. It doesn’t say how many times you use a font in your file, only the number of times you use a particular one in a document. Not very useful for a script, but useful for something like a habit tracker. They are looking to expand their catalogue so if you are ever doing searches or have any suggestions, let them know. It’s at Magnifier .
Conclusions: I don’t think there’s much demand for this but it’s handy to know what fonts you and others use. Also a handy way to count your favourite fonts. It was very easy to set up and is functional. I don’t think they’re planning on expanding the number of fonts it monitors but I did notice they were adding a few more and found they didn’t represent all the fonts I have. So I added some back in. it’s a very simple text file that does a search through your InDesign’s fonts folder.

Here’s a must. Warning If you have this, not all of the files will be included. They’re a bug from the pre-release script that was installed along with the new InDesign version. This requires running the script and then cleaning up afterwards. You can get the revised script here and they have a guide for installing on your existing version. You can also report it as a defect at .



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