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php – password check with undefined variable

I’m developing a school assignment that checks whether the password is correct or not.
The code below shows how I check the password is correct. I’m using various methods to avoid a wrong use.
if($_POST[‘pw’] == ($_POST[‘cpassword’])){
echo “Password is correct”;
echo “Password is not correct”;

When I send the variable $cpassword with no value it outputs the following message:
Undefined variable: cpassword

What is the method to avoid this?


Use $cpassword = (isset($_POST[‘cpassword’]) && $_POST[‘cpassword’]!= ”)? $_POST[‘cpassword’] : ‘cpassword’; as a default cpassword if no value was posted to it.
You can use this command to make sure your $cpassword and $_POST[‘cpassword’] are equal
$equal = (isset($_POST[‘cpassword’]) && $_POST[‘cpassword’] == $_POST[‘pw’]);

if $equal
echo “Psswd is Correct”;
echo “Psswd is not Correct”;

If you just want to make sure your $pw is not empty if not then
$equal = (isset($_POST[‘pw’]) && $_POST[‘pw’]!= ”)? $_POST[‘pw’] : ‘pw’;

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Besides skipping the first element, it can read, from here, that

It reads the first line, ignoring any whitespace, and then it reads the remaining data as a series of (potentially multi-line) strings.

And from here, you can find that there is an easy and quick way to solve your problem.

Normally, there are two ways to parse multi-line text:

split() – match once, consume string, match again and so on;
each match and assign to a variable using “=”

It sounds very easy to solve, but, with a little change, it’s very hard to not do something wrong. Here is an example:
For example, assume we have a sequence of text like this:
Jenny said:
You are welcome”

you want to capture these substrings:
Jenny said:
You are welcome”

So the solution is very simple:

While this seems very easy to understand, it fails if there are ” \ n or \ ” or “\ \ n or \ ” in the text

You can do it easily with the re module and it’s sub:
import re

# extracting substrings
my_string = ‘Jenny said: \
You are welcome” ‘
my_string = re.sub(r”\w*\s+”,””, my_string)

# printing result
# “Jenny said: “Hi!
# You are welcome””

For a more complex example, you can read this.

Hope it helps!


Some people have suggested using the split() function. This works but if there are multiple whitespaces in the string, splitting each one of them, will give you the result you’re looking for. If there are multiple whitespaces in one of those strings, you’ll end up with the entire string in the variable.
You can solve this with a simple regular expression like this:
import re
my_string = ‘Jenny said: “Hi! You are welcome”‘

Then you can clean your string in this way:
m = re.match(r'(.+)\s+”(.+)”‘, my_string)

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