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Lobster Types, Benefits and Distribution

Lobster Types, Benefits and Distribution

Recently, Indonesia has been shocked by the news of the illegal sale of lobster seeds by one of the ministers of maritime affairs. Therefore, it is not uncommon for information about lobsters and types of lobster to be sought after. Some wonder, what are the benefits of lobster so that it can be sold at very high prices? The following will describe a brief explanation of lobsters, types of lobsters and their benefits.

What are Lobsters?

Lobster is a marine animal that belongs to the crustacean or crustacean group. Lobsters are also part of the Homaridae or Nephropsidae family. Lobsters have hard skin and have five pairs of legs. Several pairs of legs serve as clamps. On movable stalks, these animals have compound eyes. In addition, lobsters also have two pairs of long antennae and in their stomachs, there are several pairs of legs that function for swimming. The lobster’s tail is muscular and has fins to help it swim. Likewise with the tail and stomach of the lobster which allows the animal to move backwards.

Types of Lobsters

Reporting from, there are several types of lobster found in Indonesia, which are as follows.
Sand Lobster (Panulirus Homarus) This lobster is also known as green lobster or green bamboo lobster. Sand lobsters can be up to 40 cm long with blue and white striped legs. Mature lobsters have a light green and bluish base color, while younger lobsters have a bluish or purplish color. This lobster was discovered in 1804 by Latreille.

Black Rock Lobster (Panulirus Longipes)

This lobster is also called flower shrimp or king prawn and has a more varied basic color, such as light green, brownish green, dark green, blue or black. The male lobster has a darker color than the female. In addition, this lobster has a maximum size of 35 cm. The black rock lobster was discovered by A. Milne Edwards in 1868.

Rock Lobster (Panulirus penicillatus)

This lobster is also known as rock prawn or jaka prawn which was discovered in 1791 by Oliver. This lobster has a basic color from light green to brownish green.

Pakistani Lobster (Panulirus Polyphagus)

Pakistani lobster or rarak lobster is a lobster that has a light green body with a maximum body length of 40 cm. This lobster was discovered by Herbst in 1793.

Pearl Lobster (Panulirus Ornatus)

This lobster is known by the name of pine shrimp or ketangan shrimp. Pearl lobster has 4 spines on the carapace with a maximum length of 60 cm and a weight of up to 6 kg. This lobster was discovered in 1798 by Fabricius

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