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miguel is a character that is meant to be built slowly. once the player is built up, miguel becomes a very dangerous character to play against, due to his multitude of tools at his disposal. he can go all out and use many of his tools at once, or he can string multiple attacks together with ease. he has good mix-up game, a strong aerial game, and above-average hand and foot game. overall, miguel is meant to be played at around mid to high level. this is because he doesnt have any good get off me game, his throw isnt the best, and the lack of a direct counter attack hurt him sometimes.

in tekken 6‘s story mode, miguel is the main protagonist, and is the only character who has a story arc in the game. he is introduced by jin in the opening scene, where he seeks out jin for revenge. when miguel finds jin, he interrogates him on what he did to his sister, but jin refuses to say anything. he then tells jin that he knows what he did, but he doesnt want to turn him in. eventually, he decides to let jin go. afterwards, he returns home, and his parents get home as well. he then asks his father for forgiveness for not being there, and explains that jin is the one that killed his sister. his parents then begin to beat him up for not being there for his sister, and he tries to tell them that jin is responsible for her death. his mother then tells him that jin was the one that killed his sister. his mother tells him that she saw jin kill his sister and that she was his witness.

shes a tough female. ive been with a lot of women that werent like that. ive never been with a female that has beat the hell out of me. i am on my knees right now, right here, right now, begging, begging for you to let me finish him off. this isnt going to end here, he says. we have to finish this, no matter what. miguel walks over to jin and with a last look at him, picks up his blade.

miguel is super happy about her. not only is rebeccas back, but shes the one that made all this possible. theres no doubt that its safe to say rebeccas back means the end of his isak and enid dating life. i thought my life was over when i found out that my dad had died, he explains to rebecca. he looks into her eyes and tells her he was going to take care of her. he wants to know if she needs anything. she stares back and asks if he wants a drink. he says fine, and grabs himself a glass of water. (dont ask me why he hasnt really been drinking water all day!) she smiles, and goes to the kitchen. of course, he isnt going to take that for an answer, so he follows her and gets himself a diet mountain dew. he takes one sip and throws it down. he just cant stop. she takes a more serious tone, telling him that he has to slow down. theres no need to drink that much, and she also doesnt know how long shes going to be staying with them. she really needs to get her stuff together and move on. i wont be able to stay here forever. she doesnt need to say any more. she doesnt have to put any more stress on her heart, she needs to just be happy.
for all of miguels romantic visions, they just dont see eye to eye. it is a typical love story: its a guy with a crush on a girl, she likes someone else and he has to deal with the fact that hes going to get left behind. theres no need to get hung up on it, he says, she needs to move on with her life. rebecca isnt having any of that, she doesnt want to move on with her life without him. rebecca clearly has a lot of worries about her life and having no control over it. she doesnt know what will happen with her dad and he could die any moment. she doesnt know if shes going to have enough money, and she doesnt know where she can live. and shes not even sure that shes going to make it through this.

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