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My Movies Collection

1. Create movies database 2. Enjoy the movies 3. Find movies 4. Sort by different categories Main features: 1. Create Movies Database 2. Enjoy movies 3. Find movies 4. Sort movies Support the following: 1. Display movies by multiple years 2. Sort movies by different genres 3. Sort movies by multiple rating 4. Sort movies by multiple search 5. Create indexes (such as by country, year, genre, and actors) 6. Add actors 7. Add description 8. Add URL 9. Add poster 10. Add year 11. Add original title 12. Add genres 13. Add keywords 14. Add seasons 15. Add episodes 16. Add season number 17. Add episode number 18. Add image 19. Save movies 20. Add movies 21. Load movies 22. Find movies 23. Display only tagged movies 24. Exclude movies 25. Add actions (favorite, seen) 26. Sort movies 27. Get to favorite 28. Rate movies 29. Update movies 30. Save database 31. List recent changes 32. All movies in a database 33. All movies by a keyword 34. All movies by a character 35. All movies by a director 36. All movies by a genre 37. All movies by an actor 38. All movies by a year 39. List movies 40. Update movies 41. Delete movies 42. Export movies to a CSV file 43. Export movies to a TSV file 44. Export movies to a PDF file 45. Export movies to a TXT file 46. Export movies to a JSON file 47. Export movies to a HTML file 48. Search movies 49. Search by name 50. Search by title 51. Search by year 52. Search by decade 53. Search by selected genres 54. Search by selected directors 55. Search by selected actors 56. Search by selected countries 57. Search by selected genres 58. Search by selected countries 59. Search by selected years 60. Search by selected weeks 61. Search by selected genres 62. Search by selected years 63. Search by selected months 64. Search by selected actors 65. Search by selected countries 66. Search by selected posters 67. Search by selected years 68. Search by

My Movies Collection Torrent (Activation Code) (April-2022)

• Note: Before using your own SQLite database file, you need to migrate your existing data to it. • The database file can be used on a computer that runs any Android OS version, including Android 8 and higher. • The application can use a few megabytes of space. • Import movies lists the way you want. Movie Collections Free has been released by IOS U Technologies. The update is available on iTunes. You can update it via iTunes or follow these steps to install it directly. 1. Download the application from the link below 2. Open the “My Movie Collection” application 3. Tap the “INSTALL” button. 4. In the pop-up window, select the destination, and accept the installation agreement. 5. Select where to put the database file. You can save it in the root directory of your phone. • Choose the number of episodes you want to add and movies to watch. • Filter movies by region, language, time or rating. • Create temporary lists and keep them ready to share with your family and friends. • See the overall number of shows, created in the past. • Synchronize your movie collection between your iPhone and iPad via iCloud. • Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest versions of the app. When you plan to go to the cinema, your mobile phone always goes with you. Movie Center, with this application, makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite films while on the go. Whether your favourite movie is called The Italian Job, Mamma Mia, The Boss or any of the others, you can enjoy them all in one of your favourite moments from the mobile. The application will have the added advantage of knowing the recommended movies by others and the reasons for why it was recommended. When the last one is gone, there will always be an alternative for you. In the meantime, the Movie Center will also allow you to make a new movie card, enter the name of the film, select the genre, actors, country, etc. You can later decide to do what cinema-goers do before the movie starts: adding them to a list of temporary favorites that will accompany you through all the fun. If you prefer to save space, the application will offer you the opportunity to compress your database and save it in the internal memory of your mobile. Finally, you have the advantage of 2f7fe94e24

My Movies Collection Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) For Windows

===My Movie Collection is a category viewers, featuring movies for Internet streaming or download. The database can be used to bring movies in a variety of genres. Each entry has its own bio that summarizes its content. The app supports multiple accounts. When you create your accounts, the download count will be shown in the title and the image of the poster. The database is divided into the following sections: overview, record list, view, favorite, seen. IMDb (Internet Movie Database): Collects a variety of personal data about a movie and movie cast in IMDb. It also features a collection of reviews written by fans and critics of movies. Gives relevant details about a film and its creative team. ===Additional features of My Movie Collection: – The database is automatically and fully compressed; – Import and export in the XML format (in the ZIP and RAR file format). – The film and cast database can be filtered by rating, name, year, genre, year of release, language. – The Internet search is supported for a number of websites such as, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Facebook, Yandex.Photo and VK. – Favorites and seen movies can be quickly organized in a list. – An automatic update of the database with the status of the films on the Internet is supported. – It is possible to add images from folders, including HD images of various formats. – You can save the database on the SD card. ===Support for: – HD – Download – SD – Wi-Fi ===PLEASE NOTE: My Movies Collection does not claim to be the original DVD database. This software is a product to help you keep track of your favorite movies and enjoy them whenever you want. And since this is a free application, the creators do not provide support. Please note that there may be more than one instance of each movie, for example movies that may be available on DVD and Internet. This software is free and is not affiliated with any movie or television network, and can be used for personal or private purposes only. Download at your own risk. Requires Android 2.3 and above. ===WHAT’S NEW ★ Synchronize favorite movies across multiple devices! ★ Switch between websites

What’s New in the My Movies Collection?

My Movie Collection is an interesting app based on a movie database and management software. Just add all your movies and TV shows to a database, organize them in groups, add notes, and then discover your favorite TV show and movies with ease. Features: • Search and filter database by several characteristics – Add movies/TV shows to the database from SD/HD images, reviews, movie posters, and posters • No registration or watermarks • Create new entries and sort database by various criteria • Add multilingual descriptions to your movies and TV shows • Compare a movie to other ones with a small calculation and calculate the genre of a movie • Search by URL, title, year, and genre • Add URL and corresponding movie/TV show to favorites and/or seen • Export to CSV file or PDF • Share PDFs of selected entries to a social network • Set up alarms to listen or watch your favorite movies/TV shows • Add data from IMDb • Add comments and notes to your database • Automatically download the data after creating a database • Sync with Kindle for iOS (via Amazon) — *** NEW FEATURES *** • Automatically download data after creating a database It takes only a few seconds to download every item in the database, so you can be sure you won’t miss anything. • Sync with Kindle for iOS (via Amazon) The application is fully compatible with Kindle Fire tablets. With Kindle for iOS, everything you download is synchronized with your Kindle Fire, and any changes are updated automatically. • It works offline and automatically downloads data after creating a database The application can be used offline; it doesn’t store any data on the server. • Share PDFs of selected entries to a social network You can share selected movies/TV shows as PDFs. NOTE: This app is free to download. However, some new features require additional in-app purchases. My Movie Collection is an interesting app based on a movie database and management software. Just add all your movies and TV shows to a database, organize them in groups, add notes, and then discover your favorite TV show and movies with ease. Features: Search and filter database by several characteristics: – Add movies/TV shows to the database from SD/HD images, reviews, movie posters

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Professional (32 or 64-bit) Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 (2.4GHz recommended) 4GB RAM (8GB recommended) 25GB HD space (50GB recommended) GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GS or equivalent AMD Radeon HD 3870 or equivalent DirectX 11 (DX 11) Wi-Fi or LAN Internet connection Recommended System Specs: Intel Core i5-6500 Quad-

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