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Carbon Steel Wok 14 Inch Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Woks and Stir Fry Pans

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Advantage of carbon steel wok:

-Suitable for high-temperature cooking:Compare with modern non-stick woks,the traditional carbon steel can take the extremely high heat needed for stir-frying. It heats up in no time, especially when used on a gas flame.
-Disperses heat evenly: While there many other types of wok pans on the market, nothing can be compared with good carbon steel wok. Heavy walled carbon steel wok heats up quickly, evenly spreads heat across the surface, and holds the heat well when food is added to it. Those features make this cooking vessel perfect for stir-frying.
-Easily builds up a nonstick surface: Well-seasoned carbon steel wok is virtually non-stick, and its non-stick coating is getting better with each use.When properly maintained, carbon steel wok will last for decades.

Tips for Using a Carbon Steel Wok:

-Preheat the wok over high heat. Throw some drops of water on the wok,if the water roll on the surface like it roll on a lotus leaf, it's perfect to reach a natural non-stick effect.
-Carbon steel wok requires prompt cleaning and drying after each use. Just wash with hot water and a soft sponge,don't wash with soap and don't cook acidic food as it will remove the seasoning.
-If you notice rust, use a stainless steel scouring pad to scrub the rust away, dry the pan, and re-season it immediately.
-Please oil the surface before storing and store in a dry place,if you plan to place it for a long time.

A healthy life begins with a good cooking utensil. Now start to make your exquisite food with a traditional carbon steel wok. This will be your favorite cooking utensil in the kitchen!

Natural health:In order to achieve a non-stick effect, modern pans are plated with chemical coatings. After a long time using or improper operation during use, the coating might fall off and endanger human health. This traditional carbon steel wok has a natural oxidation coating, after seasoning, it can achieve a physical non-stick effect, which is more healthy to use.
Manual forging: The wok is made by hand, after tens of thousands of hand hammered, the density of the steel plate becomes greater, has a good thermal conductivity, and not easy to stick, and not easy to rust, and scratch resistant.
Pre-seasoned: The wok has been seasoned by experience Chinese chef, it can be used directly after wash away the vegetable oil on the surface which protect the wok.
Humanized design: The wooden handle is designed to effectively prevent heat transfer and will not slip during use, also the round hook helps to hang the wok for storage.And the wok comes with a stainless steel wok ring to hold the wok steady over fire or gas stove, or to support it on your counter, table, and other flat surfaces!
Versatile:The traditional carbon steel wok with14 inches of diameter by 4.5inch depth,which is made of 1.8mm carbon steel with even heat distribution perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, braising, and boiling and more.

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