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GREENER CHEF Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board – Lifetime Replacement Cutting Boards for Kitchen – 18 x 12.5 Inch – Organic Wood Butcher Block and Wooden Carving Board for Meat and Chopping Vegetables

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Product Description

The Greener Chef Story

Family Cutting Board

Family Cutting Board


The Greener Chef family believes that health begins in our home kitchens. And we’re like you — we want our kitchen products to be as natural as the foods we eat off them!

Our raw bamboo products NEVER CONTAIN harmful chemicals, dyes, solvents, adhesives, stains, lacquers, sealants, formaldehydes and yuck commonly found elsewhere.

Our Raw Bamboo cutting boards take this one step further, boasting naturally microbe resistant that keep all the ‘special germies’ in your kitchen from penetrating your food (where they don’t belong).

Note: Yes, it’s going to bat against germs for your family, but hey, you should prolly still wash it!

ABOUT US: Greener Chef is a teeny-tiny family brand run solely by a whole-foods nutritionist (me, Laura), her superhero hubby (Brent), and their little one. We share your passion for natural food + family life. Thank you for supporting our cleaner, greener products and our family!


Our products protect your health… and the earth’s! Our products are environmentally responsible, durable and designed to last in your home – not a landfill! We use sustainably harvested, natively grown moso bamboo. The clean and simple construction of our bamboo products involves:

water-steaming bamboo strips (naturally cleans, colors + makes pliable)
forming + compressing the bamboo strips (natural plant resin adhesion)
cutting + sanding (shapes + smooths board surface)

Fun Fact: Did you know bamboo isn’t a traditional tree wood? It’s actually one of the tallest, toughest members of the grass family!

Greener Chef

Greener Chef


Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic Cutting Boards

IT LOOVVESSS YOUR KNIVES: Yes, it’s heavy duty, even more so than Butcher Block Wood. But that DOESN’T MEAN it’ll scar your knives. In fact, studies show this wooden cuttingboard provides far superior protection to knife edges than plastic, glass, acacia, teak and maple.

Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Cutting Boards for Kitchen

ENTERTAIN BIG? PREFER INTIMATE DINNERS FOR…YOU? Love to prep five different hors devours or courses at one time? Check out our WIDE selection of “Perfect for Every Occasion Sizes”, ideal for setting out fine cheeses (wine anyone?) to carrying and carving that giant Thanksgiving Turkey.

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

LOVE GREENER CHEF? WE LOVE YOU TOO! Enter Code GRCHEF10 and save 10% when you purchase 2 or more of selected Greener Chef Products. Remember, while we make it AFFORDABLE the real winner is your health, your family, and of course, the environment! So go ahead and take advantage now.

All Natural Product



GORGEOUS, SMART, LIFELONG SOLUTION – PUT YOUR FEARS to rest with the last cutting boards you’ll ever need. It won’t crack, separate, warp or split, guaranteed or we’ll replace it for LIFE! We’re that confident you’ll LOVE how it OUTPERFORMS every other wood cutting board.
MESS-ELIMINATING & “JUST THE RIGHT SIZE” – 18” x 12.5” Over the Sink Cutting Board let’s you PREP RIGHT OVER THE DISPOSAL, while OPTIMALLY THICK .7” depth that’s STRONG enough to hold large watermelons, yet THIN enough to SLIDE UPRIGHT INTO unused countertop crevices. Not too big. Not too tiny. Just right!
LOVE TO ENTERTAIN? CUT, FLIP, SERVE, SMILE 🙂 ~ WOW YOUR GUESTS as you keep your countertop protected (and mess free!) SIDE 1 boasts a DEEP JUICE CATCHING GROOVE, ideal for capturing the goodness that goes into sauces, glazes, gravies and more ~ SIDE 2 creates a BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION SPACE – large enough to lay out an entire turkey, cheese spread, or charcuterie platter.
FOOD GRADE – ULTRA SAFE – ORGANIC – NATURALLY BACTERIA/MICROBE RESISTANT: 100% Moso Bamboo cutting board, grown in ORGANIC, CHEMICAL FREE TESTED SOIL, then meticulously tested at every phase to ensure it delivers both the DURABILITY and SAFETY your family deserves. Zero harmful lacquers, stains or chemical ANYTHING, guaranteed!
✅SUPER IMPORTANT✅ THIS PROTECTS YOUR PREMIUM KNIVES: Don’t invest $1000’s on Henckels, Sakai, Miyabi, Wusthof, G-48, Messermeister or MAC MTH-80 only to watch your cheaply made cutting boards nick their edges and bend their lines. GREENER CHEF BAMBOO is the TESTED CHAMPION of HOME CHEFS, boasting a surface with “Just Enough Give” to allow ample knife flexibility, without marrying up knives edges.

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