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MQ Tea Filter Bags Disposable Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Loose Leaf Tea Herb Soup and Coffee (100)

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For teabags:
According to your preferences, carry tea bags with you. Put tea or flowers in the bag, tighten the mouth, and put it in a cup or mug.
Due to the long-lasting foam resistance and translucency of the small bag, it does not reduce the aroma of the tea, and can make the drink bright and bright. In addition, it reduces the trouble of cleaning your tea set.

For housewives soup:
Put a variety of spices or herbs in the bag, tighten the mouth and put it in a pot.
Because the small bag is durable and hard to cook, and the material is very thin, the original flavor can be effectively maintained, and a delicious soup can be produced. In addition, avoid all the seasonings that you need while you are cooking.

Bubble Pharmaceutical Wine:
Put the Chinese medicine into several tea bags, tighten the mouth, and pour white wine. The active ingredients are quickly precipitated, and mouthfuls of medicine are avoided when drinking.

Get rid of crickets:
Fear the mustard powder, put the mustard powder in the pouch, and put it in the cupboard, so you can get away.
It is also possible to open the small bag and use it as filter paper.
It is also possible to put the ball of the brain.

2.High temperature resistance, high permeability: unique materials with rapid permeability and high temperature resistance, can maintain the original flavor of tea, can also be used to cook soup
3.Easy to use, easy to store: Drawstring pocket design, easy to fill any item, small size, easy to carry, whether you are out or at home can use
4.Widely used: can be used for tea, coffee, vanilla, flower tea, herbal tea DIY, herbal bag, foot bath package, hot pot package, soup package, clean air bamboo charcoal package, sachet bag, mothballs storage, desiccant storage, etc.
3.5.The perfect choice: a tea bag can solve the trouble of cleaning tea sets, liberate your hands, save your time, improve your sense of well-being

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