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Overmont Camp Dutch Oven Cast Iron Lid Also a Skillet Casserole Pot Pre Seasoned with Lid Lifter Handle for Camping Cooking BBQ Baking 6QT(Pot+Lid)

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Product Description




Excellent Heating Efficiency

As we all know, cast iron performs very well in heating transfer. Overmont dutch ovens are made of high quality cast iron, so except for flipping over to be a griddle, it can also hold hot coals for even heating and keep the nutrient substance locked.

One Overmont Dutch Oven = Skillet + Pot

Dual Function Lid Specific to Overmont

6 Quart Dutch Oven (12×11.2x8inch) —Suitable for 2-5 people using

Pot: 4200ml/ Lid: 1500ml Pot Dimension: app.12 x11.2 x 5.5in/ Lid: app.11.2 x11 x 2.8in

Lid depth: app 1.46″ / Lid dia. app. 8.66″ Pot depth app. 3.64″ / Pot Iid dia. app 9.45″

9 Quart Dutch Oven (14.2×13.8×8.3inch) —Suitable for 5-8 people using

Pot: 6300mls / Lid: 2500mls Pot Dimension: app.14.2 x 13.8 x 5.7in/ Lid: app.13 x12.6 x 3in

Lid depth: app 1.68″/ Lid dia. app. 10″ Pot depth: about 3.95″ / Pot dia. app. 11.45″

• The flanged lid can hold hot coals and flips over for griddling. It can also be used as a frying pan.

• Three integral legs keep the oven raised over the hot coals.

• Durable handle allows you to hang it over the open fire for ease of use.

All-round Dutch Ovens-Satisfy all your Taste Buds









Dual Function Lid & Skillet

Baking Cakes and bread

Meals and Soup

Roasting and BBQ


HOW TO SEASON– Once you understand how to use, clean, and season a cast iron dutch oven, it will last a lifetime.

Overmont Dutch Ovens comes pre-seasoned and ready to use, so you can make your family’s favorite recipes right away. It can be used on any heat source, from the stove top to the campfire (microwave not allowed). But if you didn’t dry it completely, it may get rust. Don’t worry, just simply scour the rusty areas with steel wool, follow the seasoning steps and it will turn to be a brand new one.

1. Start by rubbing a thin coat of coconut oil or lard all over the entire surface. Rub off any excess with a cotton cloth or paper towel.

2. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees and place a baking sheet of aluminum foil on bottom rack to catch any drips. Place the pot upside down and heat for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and let it cool to room temperature. Or you can just put it in fire and heat.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 several times, as this will help season the pot faster. Although, the best way to get a really good “season” is to simply USE it. Each time you use it you are seasoning it.


Overmont Dutch Ovens use the most advanced cast iron production technology, ensure the more stringent controls on quality compared with the vast majority of similar products in the market. However, due to the characteristics of cast iron material, there could be some fine oil film accumulation etc. on the surface which is inevitable in production, NOT QUALITY PROBLEM and will disappear after several times using.

Item name

6 PCS Griddle Tools Kit

Yoga Wheel Blocks with strap set

Inflatable sleeping pad

Camping Cookware Set

Dutch oven lid lifter

5 quart dutch oven


Stainless steel

EVA foam +ABS

80D Polyester pongee with PVC coating

Anodic oxidation aluminum

stainless steel

cast iron



Expanded 75x24x4.8in

Package size 7.2x7x5.3in

Length: 15 inches

pot: 5 quart; lid also can be a griddle, 1.6 qt


Dishwasher safe, durable, the right tools for cast iron cookwares


Waterproof, Portable and Thicker, built in pump, very easy to use

Portable mess kit, contains all of the gears you need for a camping cooking

Must have for dutch oven cooking lovers

one order double cast iron

Good for

Flat top griddle, cast iron pots etc

Yoga practice, back pain relief


Camping, backpacking, hiking trips

Home cooking, baking etc

All purpose cooking

All-round Dutch Oven. The integral legs on both pot and lid allow the oven to sit perfectly over the campfire; the lid can also be used as a skillet for frying. Moreover, cast iron pots are not coated in toxic chemicals. It is a safe non-stick surface.
Well known as a Lifetime Pot. Compared with pots of other materials, the Overmont Dutch Oven is made of high quality cast iron, and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. It can be used both on the stove and in the oven at home, providing value for money.
Energy-saving and therefor good for the environment. Heat is evenly distributed and held, making it great for deep frying, searing and baking. It also has the advantages of great heat insulation and a good seal, so even a novice camper can do a delicious roasted chicken with this pot.
Considering the considerable weight of cast iron, Overmont equips a lid lifter for the Dutch Oven. The durable handle also allows you to hang it over the open fire. Our Logo design of an eagle on the lid means, freedom, power, strength and desire for life.
Once you are finished cooking, cleaning and after care are simple. Make sure to dry the pot completely after cleaning and whilst the pot is still warm, lightly oil the inside of the pan with your oil of choice, a thin coat is all you need. Use a cloth or paper towel to rub off any excess. Overmont are dedicated to providing the best sporting experience for the new generation of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues with the equipment.

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