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Prasacco Dutch Oven, 9 Quart Cast Iron Pre Seasoned Casserole Pot, with Dual Function Lid Griddle and Lid Lifter Handle for Camping Home Cooking BBQ Baking

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Product Description

Prasacco Dutch Oven for Camping Home Cooking BBQ Baking



Prasacco outdoor dutch oven is well suited for long and slow cooking.

For example, to prepare roasts, stews and casseroles. Almost all recipes that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Dutch oven.

If you are cooking by the campfire, you can use a cast-iron pot (such as a real oven) to make cookies, bread, pizza, and even cakes. These can be used universally and can be used with briquettes or embers from a campfire.

The Prasacco premium universal pot dutch oven is not only for cooking, stewing and roasting, it can also be baked and fried in a dutch oven.



The slot in the lid for the pot

The lid has a slot for the thermometer. With the thermometer (this product does not contain a thermometer) you can always see the temperature in the pot without lifting the lid.

Technical certification

Technical certification: LFGB

Pot capacity (total): 7.6 L

Cover size: 33 * 31.5 * 7cm

Pot size: 37 * 32.5 * 17 cm

Pot thickness: 3mm

Material: cast iron


Prasacco Dutch Oven

The high-quality spiral handle effectively prevents the pot from transferring heat to the handle. Much safer and more stable!

The design of the two-hole fixed handle perfectly solves the balance problem.

The pot is equipped with the hook, always lift the lid with the hook when cooking. Much more convenient and safer!

The pot body has feet, no additional bracket is required and carbon can be added directly under the pot.



Before first use:

Clean the pot with warm water and a brush, bake the cleaned pot on a heat source, then wipe it with cooking oil several times, and let it stand for more than 6 hours. Wait until the oil pan has completely absorbed the oil before using.

After use:

After using the pot, clean the pot with a soft brush or sponge, place it on a heat source and bake. After baking the pan, coat with cooking oil.

If rusted:

The used pot should not be stored in water. If the pot is rusted, please clean it with a soft brush, then wipe it with cooking oil several times, and dry it for more than ten minutes. Or repeat several times.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven:Constructed of cast iron,well known as a lifetime pot. Compared with pots of other materials, our deep dutch oven is sturdy enough to stand up to extreme outdoor environment.With high quality design, lifetime durability,your dutch oven will last a lifetime (or more) if cared for properly.
Dual Function Lid:Lid with legs keep foods moist,and also can be used as a skillet/griddle for frying eggs and meat.
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:Rugged cast iron has great heat distribution and retention for slow and even cooking.It also has the advantages of heat insulation and better sealing performance.
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter Included: Considering the great weight of cast iron,for your safety and convenience.every dutch oven equips a lid lifter for safe removal from heat.
Easy Care:After cooking,wash with a brush and hot water.Do not put cold water into the hot cookware or let it air dry.Make sure to dry it completely after clean. While the pot is still warm, lightly oil the inside of the camp dutch oven and put it in a dry place. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issue.

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