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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD


The game is currently in development and we hope to release the game in 2019.

● About the company

Current Holdings Team is a video game development and publishing company in Singapore. We were founded in June 2014.

We create unique and exhilarating stories in an immersive world and have released a number of successful games and apps on the Korean market.

Our current portfolio includes FantasyC, an action RPG that has been sold to over 7 million people in Korea.

We are also developing Sink, an interactive drama that focuses on the theme of a group of explorers on a quest and the impact of an unexpected discovery.

● About Elfking Studio

Current Holdings Studio is a game development company in Korea that was founded in March 2014. It is currently an independent company, with its exclusive focus being on game development and publishing.

Led by Dr. Young-Moo Yun, it is a team that combines passion and dedication to build a new adventure filled with expectations and dreams.

※ Contents to be added in the near future

* About Square Enix

Square Enix Co., Ltd., a Japanese company, develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX, EIDOS and DRAGON QUEST trademarked properties, including mobile game content, in addition to FINAL FANTASY®, TOMB RAIDER®, and ASSASSIN’S CREED®.

The Square Enix Co., Ltd. group of companies worldwide, including its affiliated companies, provides its diverse portfolio of products and services to consumers with iconic SQUARE ENIX, EIDOS, DRAGON QUEST and FINAL FANTASY ® brand names in 81 countries and regions.

For more information, please visit the official website at

Be sure to follow us on our official Twitter account @SquareEnixVG ( and Facebook fan page (

Promotional material provided by Square Enix Co., Ltd. ©2017 Square Enix Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Titan Action RPG: Featuring realistic simulation actions and a large cast of character classes, customizing your character and online play.
  • Epic Story: An epic multilayered story of the ancient races.
  • Other Features:

    • Character Level Cap: Levels, Skills, Abilities, Equip Items, and Character Progress can be re-leveled all at once, while NO LEVEL ENCROACH comes into effect. This feature is key for the long-term coexistence of players.
    • Locations and Destinations: The principle of the location system from the original FINAL FANTASY XIV. The map areas of towns and other locations are connected. Even when you leave a town, the game tracks your location and provides a comfortable pace of travel for you in the service areas of a town later on.
    • Online Co-operation: Consulate dungeons can be entered into even during offline play. A group of players can enter the same Co-Op dungeon together and share their items.
    • Dual Battles, Rise as a Mains and Sub-Mains: In the event of dual battles, you also get to choose from a variety of traits and benefits if you rise as a mains or a sub-main.
    • Triple Battles: In the event of three battles, you can take on a total of six random enemies and gain exclusive benefits.
    • Player Rosters: Wield all of your troops in battle and become more powerful! Use these contact formations to vary your battle tactics.
    • Versus Battle: From a variety of tactics to a team game, all the battles can be experienced in your own way. Brave opponents engage in an intense battle against you in both PvP and PvE.
    • Special Classes: In this time of melancholy, the sage, healer, and assassin classes appear. They will lend even more strength, strategy, and tactics to your party during battle.

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      Elden Ring Crack Registration Code

      “The game was damn awesome because it was free. I’ve never played such a satisfying RPG in my life and it was just awesome that there was no time limit to complete a quest.”

      Steve A

      “I love how you can be anything and anywhere, how you can become powerful by interacting with the world, as well as how much you can become powerful in this game, and it’s really satisfying to feel like you own everything you do. And that’s the most important thing in an RPG. It’s a lot more than simply having a “story” you walk through.”


      “This game is the definition of an amazing game for absolutely free. It’s full of wonderful experience, fun, and memorable characters who are all so wonderfully realized.”


      “I first played this game during the Limbo Hiatus, and I felt so happy and beautiful upon defeating the final boss. I was in shock when the game ended, and that’s something I haven’t felt since the first Final Fantasy; when you’re done you just want to finish your story, that it’s so great.”


      “I never really bought into the whole idea of being a lord and everything. But once I saw the possibility of being one, I felt a surge of pride that I would be able to impact the world I’d lived in all my life. The graphics are good, and while it’s not a very action-oriented game, it’s still a lovely story, with great music and a marvelous gameplay experience.”

      Legacy of the Lost Brothers

      “I ended up being a Fisher with a pretty good enchanter. While the character design is bland in most cases, the additional options and choices really make the game enjoyable.”


      “It has its cutscenes, but the game itself is quite lively and has a great artistic quality to it. It has a pleasing soundtrack and lovely graphics. If you like RPG’s, you should definitely check this game out.”


      “Thank god I found out about this game when it was free on limbus. It’s one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, the main character is adorable, the boss design is absurd, the graphics are fantastic, and the entire gameplay experience is very enjoyable. On top of that, it runs perfectly on my computer, and the music is quite fabulous.”

      “This game has some of the most well-made characters of


      Elden Ring Crack + Download

      A huge fantasy world with an epic story.
      • An Unique Experience in an Open World
      An open world where you can freely move and explore. A vast field where you can freely enter any route. Monsters are randomly generated by “The Life Force”, a mysterious power, and attack you.
      • Fight for Survival in the World of the Gods
      The world of the Gods is the world of an overlord. The door to the world of the Gods is hidden in the forest with a long journey. Battles rage in the lands of the Gods where players can face a diverse range of enemies.
      • Win in Cooperation with Others
      In addition to hunting monsters, you can explore, craft weapons, and change your appearance to interact with the world. You can also participate in the battle and exchange information with the other players by using a special online feature.
      • Online and Offline Combat
      Online combat is made possible by an online service. If you play in an internet environment, you can fight monsters together with others. If you play offline, you can fight monsters by yourself while you team up with others in offline play.
      • Interact with the World
      By using an online function, you can interact with the world in real-time, experience the excitement of combat, and obtain items. (EG: Building your own base)
      • Customize Your Own Character
      You can customize your appearance, skills, and weapons. You can freely combine weapons and armor to create your own character.
      • Construct Your Own Adventure
      In addition to online communication and battling, you can participate in the elements that make up the world of the Gods and continue your adventure by exploring the world and meeting other players.
      • Design a Unique World
      In addition to customization, you can freely decide the elements that are present in the game. You can also create an interesting world with the unique monsters, weapons, and dungeons that you encounter.
      • Huge Boss Fights.

      Fighting Skill Effects

      Appearance Skills

      Weapon Skills

      Other Skills

      Trial Skills

      (Character Level Permits)

      Investigation Skills

      Focus Skill

      (Enchant Skills)

      Customization Skills

      Passive Skills

      Casting Skills

      2-handed Skills

      Kneeling Skills

      Magical Attack Skills

      Skillful Attack Skills

      Fighter Skills

      Barbarian Skills

      Cleric Skills

      Hunter Skills


      What’s new:


      If you play, Grow. Grow and become stronger.Grow if you like what you are doing.

      Now, there is no doubt that support for current and upcoming Toy RPGs existed. Back in late 2010, I sure played a LOT of them, and my Vita was filled with the interesting ones, as well as others. But, it was not until February 2011 when the genre really received an ‘update’ with the release of Final Fantasy Tactics A2. This sparked a creative burst across the board and so many new, fantastic games came forth. Not to mention Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, and a few more greats. It was impressive to see the genre flourish like this. HOWEVER, and this is a HUGE PRO saying, was that without YEARS of waiting for new games and old through the years:

      1) The genre arrived to the point where seeing many of these games come out, apparently, was a surprise.

      2) In 2011 the overall quality might have been a surprise to many. Look at it this way: in 2010 there was no 4GB Vita on the market, and in 2011 there were enough games to fill it up. And for those who bought a 4GB Vita in 2011: SURE it didn’t have all the games that it could possibly hold. BUT it was still better than having to be w/o any game. Now give it 2 years, and check back. 2014 will be a very interesting time for the Vita as developers decide to make full games for it, and it will be a great time to witness one of this generation’s finest accomplishments.

      As for the reason why this is a Great PRO:

      1) I picked up and played So Many games this year, in various genres, that even if I had not played the (examples A huge TIME WASTED) then SOMEONE out there surely had, and this led to me wanting to try these games. It did not matter to me if I was YEARS early, I tried the games, more than once, and more than once it led me to either be STRONGLY interested in (egressively) or even allow myself to be like “O.K, if I give this one a TRY, then I might actually become a fan, or at LEAST tolerate this, as opposed to ignoring it.” That is basically how I feel when I am offered many games which I could not play if they were in the past


      Download Elden Ring Crack + [Win/Mac]

      1. Download it, extract everything.
      2. Copy the entire game folder (not to overwrite the files) to your C: drive, then run the game.
      3. Enjoy.

      1. Download it, extract everything.
      2. Copy the entire game folder (not to overwrite the files) to your C: drive, then run the game.
      3. Enjoy. How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

      1. Download it, extract everything.
      2. Copy the entire game folder (not to overwrite the files) to your C: drive, then run the game.
      3. Enjoy.Q:

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      I want to put it into a batch file. The problem is, the first line of the batch will make that!i! will be assigned to value 3, and the for loop will see that!i! is always 3, and ignore the when I change i=0.
      I want to see!i! as 0 and i! as 3.
      How can I do that?


      @echo off


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Visual: This if for the pc version; however, it is backward compatible with PSP. Therefore, if you have a PSP disc player, you can install it just as well. No need to download any special drivers. You can keep your most important settings and save files on your PSP if you wish.
    • Controls: Playstation emulator allows you to adjust the control layout to your liking. Practice for 15 minutes before trying to install to get to know the tricks and the controls.
    • Sound: This game has a fair amount of sound effects and voices, and they are encoded in uncompressed WMA. The sound quality is quite good.


    • Interface: Playstation games have a basic graphical interface. You can also add art (themes), change songs and backgrounds, etc.. to suit your particular tastes.
    • Mod: Playstation emulator allows for modding, with respect to visuals, audio, graphics and sound.
    • Additional Required Software: Remember you need the install file on your computer. It is only provided on the PSP port, not the PC.

    This Is Mandatory

    • Game region: Make sure you play this on the corresponding region. Download, read, and practice before starting the installation process. You might get caught off guard since the app might claim the cartridge is not a legit game.
    • Original hardware: Playstation emulator is a Playstation emulator. It is not a Playstation game.
    • Storage medium: PSP disc is a different thing, and storing it on the hard drive or any other type of storage medium will result in a bad file. Only save game files using PSP-File-System software or embed them on the disc.

    Then Use These Instruction

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