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Securitymonitorpro50keygengenerator ^NEW^

Securitymonitorpro50keygengenerator ^NEW^

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generates a code for a 50-bit rsa key pair, using the pkcs#5 v2.0 pbkdf2-sha256 (rfc 2898) with 1000 iterations. uses the trusted entropy pool with the correct type of data (48 byte, 128 bit or 192 bit).
generates a security key from sha1 and the provided 32 byte salt, which can be base64 encoded, using the pkcs#5 v2.0 pbkdf2-sha1 (rfc 2898) with 1000 iterations. uses the trusted entropy pool with the correct type of data (48 byte, 128 bit or 192 bit).
$ puppet securitymonitorpro50keygengenerator by default, the script creates a 50 key generator on your host called keygen. this file is used on any host for which you have either a 49 or 51 key, or for which the securitymonitor-key-gen module is installed. if you don’t provide a custom value for the –name parameter, it will just use keygen. (refer to securitymonitor::puppetparser#generate_key_file in puppetlabs_security_monitor to see the default value).
$ puppet securitymonitorpro50keygengenerator – the installer will create the file in the /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/var/rhel6/security-monitor-keygen/username directory. this file is the exact same content as the file that is installed via the securitymonitor-key-gen module.
$ puppet securitymonitorpro50keygengenerator –plugin=securitymonitor-key-gen this creates the key on the host and then puts it in the same directory as the module. if you are using a module that has a 50 key generator already, you will have to delete the file before you can do this.

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