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There are 8 different levels in this game, and each level is difficult with the characteristics of variety, too. This game’s goal, is to avoid the collision with spikes, gold coins, magma rock. If you are in a collision with the spikes, that moment in time, you can not pass through the next sphere. And when the ball collides with the lava, it is set to the rock. If you are set by the time limit, you have been stopped, and if you get stuck in time, if you continue to click, it will stop immediately. If you are in a time limit, then you only have 10 seconds to jump over the lava, fall through, through the magma rock, and to the end.

It’s a very easy, casual game. This game can be played by anyone, male or female.


The name of the game is Blue Ball! It was developed by Urbz in 2006, and was one of the first games to use the raycasting software, to draw the spherical spikes.
To play the game, download the Unity 3D editor and the zip containing the assets. Unity 4 or 5 will work, but you may need to set the density of the terrain to zero so the camera will be able to see through walls.
While you are creating the terrain, use two textures, one for spikes and one for tiles. This way, you can see how the game is supposed to work.
When creating a sphere, set the density at 0. Keep the texture values where there are spikes (set X=1) and the color at 0. Leave Y and Z values at 1. This will change the resolution of the sphere, so you may need to scale the sphere up or down. Set the radius to the size you want.
When creating the sphere, set the texture on the inside to be the spikes texture, as well as the ground texture.
After you create the sphere, place three or four spheres in a smaller column and change the texture of each one to its matching texture. You should have three or four “spikes” next to the first sphere.
The first sphere is named “Root” by the developers. You can change the name and texture if you wish.
After you have created all the spheres, connect them together by parenting each one to the Root sphere. You may have to move the spheres to a different spot if the terrain doesn’t


Space Ball Features Key:

  • Two player
  • One game board for both sides
  • Spaceship

SpaceBall Instructions:

  • Dump the small milk cartons
  • Put the milk cartons over the first box
  • Put a bean bag under the box.
  • Put tufs under the bean bag
  • Gobbles the tufs under the box.
  • Bang the box with your head and it will be over.

Game Rules:

  • 1. Both sides starts on the same side of the board.
  • 2. The object of the game is to jump the milk carton over the
    8 other milk cartons in play. If you drop the carton without jumping
    it over you lose.
  • 3. Drop your beanbag and try to get the milk cartons over in
  • 4. The tufs under the milk cartons is fragile and break. If a milk
    carton drops and breaks a tuf fall into the box.

  • 5. Do not drop the tuf above the milk cartons. Jumping over the
    top milk cartons and dropping the tufs below them.

  • 6. Gobbles the tuf as they fall into the box.
  • 7. When you drop the bean bag they drop on top of the milk cartons.

Space Ball Game Control:

  • Move the jumbo at left
  • Move the milk carton at right
  • Hit the win key to display “game over” play again


Space Ball Crack Free

Space Ball 2022 Crack is a casual Adventure Game.
You are the ball and you need to overcome each obstacle on your way through by jumping over spikes, magnets and magma. Then collect gold coins along the way and finally reach the end. Game Play
Space Ball is an easy to play casual game but with a good challenge.

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Space Ball Crack + With Product Key Free Download [32|64bit]

1. When you tap the move button, the ball will bounce against the spikes.
2. At the same time, when you tap the space bar, you can jump to different levels. The movement speed is fast.
3. When you jump, you jump to the other spikes.
4. When you clear the magma, you will get the power-up:
1. Continue power-up is increased jumping speed.
2. Missile power is increased speed.
3. Lightning power is increased shooting speed and increased range.
5. When you collect enough gold coins, you will be rewarded with a “Star Piece” in the next level.
6. You can get “Star Pieces” by clearing the balls in the previous levels.
7. There are traps in each level, and you should avoid getting hit by them.
8. During the game, you will be shown the “Star Piece” you are going to get before the level and your level rank.
9. At the same time, you can show the levels and star pieces you have collected on the score table.
10. If you are stuck in a level, you can tap the tips menu to show the traps, coins and star pieces.


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