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Sw2010-2013.activator.ssq. Exe ~UPD~

Sw2010-2013.activator.ssq. Exe ~UPD~


Sw2010-2013.activator.ssq. Exe

There are several reasons that can cause sw2010-2013.activator.ssq.exe errors. These include Windows registry issues, malware, faulty applications, … sw2010-2013.activator.ssq.exe error: The application could not start because its parallel configuration is incorrect
The application failed to start because its parallel configuration is not correct. …
Please correct the misconfiguration or contact support.
This application will be closed.
Here are some hints that may help you solve this problem…
Why can’t my system find the specified file or folder?

When you finish, restart your PC to reboot from old version and restart solidsquare solidsquare simulator- 2013.
30/9/2015 ·In SW, open the SW2013 tab and scroll to the right until you see a button. click .
Download                                                               SW2010-2013.Activator.SSQ.exe
Click Install Click YES to delete existing SW activations Click YES to activate SW2013 if you have it .

Click on “Next” till finish. You may get a dialog with following messages about the process:

There are no error in “The procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Sumitasoft\SolidWorks 2015\SolidWorks.dll”

I found this methods in the internet:

Run “SW2010-2013.Activator.GUI.SSQ.exe” as Administrator.
Go to                                                            Click on “Windows” and search “Run”
In Run type “cmd” and click on “OK”

Type “cscript //nologo \User$\Desktop\SW2010-2013.Activator.GUI.SSQ. exe” and click on “OK”

Start “SW2010-2013.Activator

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