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Types of Houses and Residential Types Known in Indonesia

Types of Houses and Residential Types Known in Indonesia

Houses and other types of housing are things that cannot be separated from the needs of human life. The house functions as a place of shelter, residence, and gathering with the family. Before choosing, first get to know the types of houses and housing in general in Indonesia.

Houses that stand on the ground have been popular for millions of years. The shape varies, as well as the material from which it is made. Over time, the types of houses are increasingly diverse. On the other hand, the house is not always built on the ground. This is due to the narrowness of land and the high price of land. Various types of alternative housing also appeared. Before choosing the type of house or occupancy that is right for you, first get to know everything below, come on!

Types of Houses and Other Residential Types in Indonesia

1. Landed House

A tread house is a type of dwelling built directly on the ground. In the past, most landed houses were separated from other houses. Common people call it a single or detached house. The increasing price of land has made this type of dwelling begin to transform into a linked house/row house whose walls are attached to one another. Over time, this term is increasingly commonly used to refer to houses built directly on the ground. The main characteristic of a landed house is that apart from the building being directly on the ground, the ownership right is also single.

2. Townhouses

The house in this town house type complex is said to be a horizontal apartment. Why is that? That’s because the houses are similar to each other both outside and inside. Inside this town house residential complex there are public facilities that can be used by all residents who live in it. The shape of the houses in the town house are also almost the same as each other.

3. Clusters

Housing is a housing complex which is divided into several areas or sub-complexes. Within the sub-complex, there are houses of the same type and public facilities specifically used by the residents. However, the cluster also facilitates a playground that can be used by residents of all sub-complexes. Another feature to identify a type of dwelling called a cluster is the presence of a high fence around it.

4. Single House (Detached)

As previously mentioned, in the past most of the houses were of a single type. Now, this type of single dwelling still exists but is commonly used as a resting place in his spare time. Examples of current single or detached houses include mansions, cottages, villas and bungalows.

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